[Halo 2] Using Sav3r to Edit your Profile/Gametype's name *pics!

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    Using Sav3r to Edit your Profile & Gametype's Name

    Download Sav3r in the Halo 2 Modding Tools downloads thread.

    Step 1. To start with open up one of your profiles:
    For Xbox users, you can find it here:
    Extract this folder, and in this folder, there will be a file name "profile'".

    Step 2. Next, open up Sav3r and your profile or gametype by hitting File> Open gametype. *Don't close out of that folder just yet.

    Step 3. Edit your profile/gametype by double clicking one of the words on the right. *Then save your gametype/profile once!

    Step 4. Double click on "signer" a black box should appear very briefly.

    Step 5. Go back to Sav3r, and save once more.

    Step 6. Lastly, FTP it back to your Xbox in the same folder you took it from.


    *Profile changes can only be used in system link and in split screen
    *Gametype changes can be seen by others in Xbox LIVE.
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    profile splitscreen yes, but u can do the modded gametypes on live..

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