[Halo 2] Using Sav3r to Edit your Profile/Gametype's name *pics!

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    First, please download Sav3r you can find it here.
    Thanks to Se7en Masta for the link :wink:

    To start with open up one of your profiles:
    For Xbox users, you can find it here:
    Extract this folder, and in this folder, there will be a file name "profile'".

    Next, open up Sav3r and your profile or gametype by hitting File> Open gametype. *Don't close out of that folder just yet.

    Now, edit your profile/gametype by double clicking one of the words on the right. *Then save your gametype/profile once!

    Double click on "signer" a black box should appear very briefly.

    Go back to Sav3r, and save once more.

    Lastly, FTP it back to your Xbox in the same folder you took it from.

    *Profile changes can only be used in system link and in split screen :.(
    *Gametype changes can be seen by others in Xbox LIVE.

    Sorry for typ-os, grammatical errors, etc.
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    profile splitscreen yes, but u can do the modded gametypes on live..