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hacking noob?

Discussion in 'Call of Duty: World at War' started by ZainZ, Dec 11, 2008 with 1 replies and 349 views.

  1. ZainZ

    ZainZ Newbie

    there was a hacker lv3 noob with a flamethrower online his name was eX CaRBiN3
    anyone know how this was possible as it was on the 360? it was on search and destroy and he was just setting people on fire. he even respawned with it after that round.

  2. jock2007

    jock2007 Enthusiast

    Hey m8 ,

    If you check out cod 4 threads there is a tut on how to do this on cod 4 , from the latest i read here , this glitch also works on cod waw :smile: