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[H3 Bridge] Looking for MLG Team Standbyer (I can bridge)

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Looking for MLG Team Standbyer (I can bridge)

Ok, im looking for a team standbyer, unfortunately i have been host banned so can no longer standby. (If anyone knows a way around this without having a transfer cable please post a way.)
I can bridge host, but if there is someone else who can bridge and wants to join then more than welcome because im relay tired at the moment. Bridging 3's is the best way to do this i think because of the speed of the matches, and less chance of being kicked out of a game.
Leave your GT here or PM me on UK LEMMING if you are interested.

Right I have just come up with a plan.
If I can get 2 people, One to standby in MLG, one to bridge him host (because im not that good a bridger) I will help you get the Vidmaster Achievements. I have 2 manned Endure and Da Ja Vu, so it is not difficult to do just time consuming. If people will be willing to Blitz MLG till i get my 50, I will be willing to spend 5hrs+ of my time helping you get all the Vidmaster achievements. I can sign in my brother as a 2nd controller and he can play with us so 2 people me and my bro makes a Live team of 4. Perfect for Vidmasters =D
GT is UK LEMMING. PM me if you are interested.
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