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Tutorial Guide to complete (STEALTH)



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As a hardcore COD4 veteran of stealth id like to share some tactics tought to me by myself and others...
first thing to get straight is the weapon to use.
My favorite weapon to go GHOST (as i have he class named) is with the MP5.

Make sure that you ALWAYS USE A SILENCED WEAPON! that is key to maintaining stealth. The assault rifles have good range when using a silencer but i am not a fan of their iron sights. In my opinion the AK74u has the best ironsight on anything besides the RPD, which lso makes it a strong canidate to have a silencer. key things to remember when using stealth.
~watch your back, people always tend to try and knife you when your behind enemy lines.
~Keep good communication with your team. snipers can let you know where enemys are that they just cant quite get.
~Use the knife whenever possible its there for a reason, plus it is completely silent. perfect target = lone sniper thats oblivious to his backside :facepalm:
~Only spray and pray when you are in lockdown situations, ammo i crucial and quickly runs out
~Know your maps. Memorize EVERY nook and cranny. make careful assumptions, enemys can be anywhere.
~Keep it quiet, run as little as possible, running = loud
~ Strafe when taking enemys one on one, a moving target is much harder to hit, NEVER just crouch, a trained killer scoffs this one down.
~Always always ALWAYS keep on the move! especially when people can see kill cam, you gun is not extremely strong so stealth campers are easy to take down.
now on to perk combonations..
once you find a weapon you like you must choose your perks,
my favorite goes
Silenced MP5
Perk 1- Claymores
Perk 2- UAV Jammer
Perk 3- Steady Aim
lets go over the perks.
Perk One
C4- Personally i have never used these but since i am constantly on the move id never see use for them
Special Gernade x3- I use the smoke grenades in all my classes to cover my movements in high traffic areas, one is generally all you need though if used wisely
RPG- Not for stealth period.
Claymores x2- My favorite, lets you jam up entrys and watch your back for you in a sense. When used right, can wipe out entire teams (read down further for that)
Frag x3- Not a bad idea, generally i dont use but some people like to frag.
Bandolier- Good stuff, keeps you moving longer, ammo is crucial
Bomb Squad- Another good perk behind enemy lines, lets you see all oposition explosive-wise.
Perk 2
Really the only perk i would ever consider is UAV jammer. if you truely want to stay hidden this is the way to go.
Perk 3
Extreme Conditioning- Good perk if you want to get behind the enemy faster.
Steady Aim- My favorite, your gun is insanely accurate from the hip, which takes the time to look through your iron sight out of the equation.
Last Stand - Not bad to pick up a kill or two after the fact, can be used to great sucess if you know what your doing
Martyrdom- Good to pick up a kill if they are dumb enough to run across your dead body. most people are trained not to do that by now.
Deep Impact- Eh. Generally you arent crazily shooting so i dont fine need for this.
Iron Lungs- No Need.
Dead Silence- Yep i love it, great for sneaking up on enemys while remaining completely undetected.
Eavsdrop- Not my cup of tea, i guess its good to hear what they are saying but it defentley doesnt work to the sucess youd expect.
Now that perks are covered lets go over some tactics..
~ Get Behind them. At the beginning of the match try to get behind them ASAP. This allows you to slowly move up wiping out snipers first followed by the rest of the team.
~Stay under the radar. Travel in low traffic areas where you wont easily be seen, this makes for easy getting behind.
~Know your enemy. Anticipate their moves, know the high/low traffic areas, and think what you would do, if you would snipe in a favorite spot, check it! chances are thats someone else favorite spot.
~Claymore Smart. Claymore high traffic doors at an angle so it cant be easily seen and also so that if the enemy is running it will still kill them. Also claymore at the top of stairs, but farther back so the same results take place.
~Claymore Smart pt. 2. Listen for your clamore, once you get a kill or if you hear it explode carefully make your way to it. Enemys are likely to rush that area so stay highly alert. If you are in a building block off all enterances (obviously)
~Get a sniper. A smart tatic is to trade out your pistol for a sniper, that way if you see an enemy in the distance you can take them down, but keep moving!!
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