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Solved GTA V Modding

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Hi, Im new to this website so be kind.

What i wanted to ask was what is the best mod menu for Cash and RP?
Any Free and Undetectable mod menu's is what I'm looking for because I'm a Lvl 64 right now (Was a Lvl 150 on old account that i cant transfer anymore).

I need some cash just to buy basic stuff like some vehicles, weapons and upgrades. Also i want to be a higher level because its super bad being a low level and i just want to have 100% max hp.

Any mod menu recommendations that i can use for only about a day or so without being banned?

Also if any of you have the time with any good mod menu's, can you help me by drops or just level me up.

Im on PC, Own the rockstar copy.

Thank you for your time!
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