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Solved GTA V Modding info

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I kept up with the whole soap opera thread http://www.se7ensins.com/forums/thr...-29-mod-menu-mega-thread-info-thread.1318313/. The reason I started coming to this section was to learn about all the wonderful mods I kept hearing about, instead I just learned how to drag and drop 3 or 4 files and I had a mod menu that would ruin the experience for other players and eventually cause a lot of players to get banned. I didn't know that there were other mods, other than the ones in that mess of a thread. Since this is the GTA Modding section, could someone start an informative thread on how to do some of the other mods? How to install some of the map mods like Raven Rock and Merryweather Fortress? How to use a mod manager to keep you from getting banned online? What files you need to use and the updated scripthooks and stuff needed for SP modding? Why does this section basically just deal with the Online aspect of GTA? I spent 3 hours last night trying to get some of this to work. None of the files are the updated correct ones. The best thing that came out of that thread was the ability to always locate the updated files and someone could help if I didn't have something correct.
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