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Tutorial GTA:V/GTA:IV/RDR Texture modding tutorial for PS3 & Xbox 360



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GTA V RPF editing > LibertyV (use latest version)
GTA IV RPF editing > OpenIV (use version 0.9.202)
GTA IV IMG editing > SparkIV

Remember that you can't change the size/format of a texture!

Get the required tools (Virus Scan) You'll need to find GTAIV.exe by yourself, just google it
Get Paint.NET

1) Extract the *.xtd/*.ctd texture dictionaries from the game with OpenIV/SparkIV
2) Run RAGE Console Texture Editor and open the texture dictionary you want to edit
3) Export the texture you want to edit and look at the "Texture format" field at the bottom of the editor
4) Open it in Paint.NET and modify it to your liking
5) Save the texture as DirectDraw Surface (DDS) and choose the correct compression method in relation to the texture format shown inside the Texture Editor:
GPUTEXTUREFORMAT_8_8_8_8=B8G8R8A8 (Linear, A8R8G8B8) NOTE: PS3 users need'll to swizzle A8R8G8B8 textures, see "PS3_ONLY" tools

DISABLE "Cube Map from crossed image" & "Generate Mip Maps"
6) Now import the texture in the Texture Editor and do the same proccess for every MipMap level present (resize the image opened in Paint.NET with CTRL+R)
7) Save the texture dictionary
8) Import the new file in the RPF/IMG archive and rebuild it with the according tool
You can use the included crunch_x64 build to mass-convert dds textures

PS3 texture Swizzling:
Use the included Swizzling Tool [by RangerRus] to swizzle A8R8G8B8 textures on PS3 before importing them with RAGE Console Texture Editor v1.5:
1) Put the textures in the same folder as the tool's
2) Run Swizzling_Tool_swiz_all_dds_ps3.bat
3) Open the swizzled texture in Paint.NET and save it again (A8R8G8B8)
4) Import the texture in the Texture Editor (v1.5 required), you'll get an error, ignore it and save the file regardless
5) Test the new texture
To unswizzle a texture that's already been swizzled use Swizzling_Tool_unswiz_all_dds_ps3.bat

Video Tutorial on YouTube:
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