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Patched GTA: O - Wallbreach/Interior's Mega Thread

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Beginning of An Odyssey Greeter Chatty Kathy
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This will show how to get into many buildings and interiors online which you aren't suppose to get into on GTA V Online. I made this because there are so many breaches but they are scattered all over the glitches section.​

Method 1) (Found by Snakemodz)
1. Open your Phone and select your friend
2. Sent him a Massage with a word, doesn`t matter what you write him !
3. When your friend has sent the massage he must leave GTA Online to Story Mode !
4. You will recieve a Massage ( *INVALID* ) and your Map should be Glitchy ^^ !

You are Invisible on the Lobby - List,
- You were Off Radar,
- You can enter any Story Building
Method 2)
Go to the location in the video
Have you and a friend present. Call up the Fire Department though your phone and wait for a fire truck.
Stand in front of the doors to the interior and have a friend in the firetruck be parallel and have your friend go full speed into you.
Since in SP the doors are accessible you will breach through it.
Method 3)
Thanks to andxn
You need a tank for this to work.

1. Park your tank next to a wall, so that the front end of the tank is touching the wall. (but angled out enough on the back so you can walk behind it)

2. If it's a really small space and you can't walk behind it, take cover against the wall and you should be able to slide in behind the tank.

3. Sprint into the corner of the tank and the wall and you should be able to glitch through the wall.

For last-gen users who find this difficult to do:

I found out with this glitch for the last gen users, that you have to park your tank very close and parallel to the wall, close enough so that you can take cover against the wall and behind the tank.

Interiors Shown:
Bahama Mamas Night Club 1.22
Titan Hangar Office

Wallbreaches Shown:
Caesar's Auto Parking
LOMBANK (Found by Rockitman187 & Gummby)
Ammunation Wallbreach
Stay Frosty
Banner Hotel
Soyler Textile
Gentry Manor
McDonald Street
Vanilla Unicorn
Rooftop Rumble ( iTrickyTurtle )
Lester's Warehouse ( Eblade67 )
La Puerta Canal ( Rittmeister )
Prison Wallbreach ( HarryMack )
St. Fiacre Hospital
Popular Street

  • How To Get Into Bahama Mamas Night Club

  • Go to the location in the video​
  • Have you and a friend present. Call up the Fire Department though your phone and wait for a fire truck.​
  • Stand in front of the doors to the club and have a friend in the firetruck be parallel by the lamp post than have your friend go full speed into you.​
  • Since in SP the doors are accessible you will breach through it.​

  • How to get into the Titan Hanger Office
  1. Call a Rhino Tank "Tank"
  2. Drive to the hanger where the Titan spawns
  3. Park next to the office slanted
  4. Sprint in between the tank and office windows and if should funnel you into the office where you can not be shot.

  • How To Get Into Caesar's Auto Parking by HarryMack

Step 1: Go To This Location On The Map ( Downtown Los Santos)

Step 2: Acquire and Ambulance or a Box Truck. Ambulances seem to work best as you can just call the paramedic and they will deliver it right to you.
Step 3: Back the ambulance into the garage right up against the back wall. The best placement is a little off center to the right of the garage.
Step 4: Jump onto the roof and head to the back wall. Aim up to the air duct above you. Your gonna want to jump diagonally towards the spot where the duct work meets the back wall of the garage.
Step 5: Enjoy! Once inside you can walk above the garage you entered through. Kind of a limit to the uses of this wall breach as you can only shoot down through the ceiling of the garage. Either way, I hope someone in the community enjoys this and can out use to it. Thank you for your time.

Step 1 Go here

Step 2 Park against wall near door
Step 3 Climb in

This area is small, Do Not walk around or you will walk or fall out

Step 1 Go here

Step 2 Go up on the roof and make you way to the blue building
Step 3 Take cover in corner and slide in
Step 4 Run and Jump to the right of the brick column

Banner Hotel wall breach

Step 1 Go here

Step 2 Go to the garage door at rear
Step 3 Jump up at edge of door
Step 4 Stop as soon as you pull yourself in, Turn left and walk until you hit an invisible wall
Step 5 Follow invisible wall into the center of building

Step 1 Go Here

Step 2 Park a high vehicle under the fire escape on the left
Step 3 Climb up top top landing, Point gun and roll to last ladder
Step 4 Climb last ladder slowly and walk through wall into building

Step 1 Go here

Step 2 Take a helicopter to the roof
Step 3 Jump onto the roof near the highest point
Step 4 Walk into wall area where the roofs meet

Founder: HarryMack

Step 1: Go to location indicated on the map above
Step 2: Locate the breach ( right across the street from the Poppy House)
Step 3: Walk in or drive in (your choice)

Step 1 Go here

Step 2 Climb on top of the shipping container in the back of the building
Step 3 Take cover so you fall into the crack between container and wall
Step 4 Walk through the wall

Text tutorial:
- Go to Vanilla Unicorn
- Stick the SUV against the wall as shown in the video
- Get on the car and then the the light
- Move up be on top of the input (violet light), then move up half way
- Jump and run in the corners
- Activate the 1st person view

1. Climb on top of the small wall
2. Take out your gun and point it at the wall on your left
3. Start walking to it
4. When you reach the wall start going towards it, and repetitively start pressing the Square button(Playstation) or the X button(Xbox).
-If done correctly, you should see your character climb up the wall and get inside of the building.
*Note* In order to get out of the area, you need to kill yourself.

Works for all consoles and PC!

Very simple to do.
Step 1) Go to the location displayed in the video
Step 2) Climb onto the stationary trailer
Step 3) Find the ladder which should be right in front of you
Step 4) The first Extension to the roof you see take cover on it
Step 5) Join a job and back out
Step 6) You will be in the warehouse spawned by the steps

Found by Eblade67

Video Tutorial:

Text Tutorial:


1. Go to the prison, more specifically this exact location on the map

2. Get onto the roof of the building (if you do not have a helicopter, you can climb the neighboring building and jump off.

3. Get into position where the slanted tin roof top's meet the concrete wall

4. Using a pistol (my choice) take cover on the concrete wall

5. In one fluid motion, move your character up the slanted roof while hitting L2/LT to aim

6. If done correct you should pop through the roof and be under neath, still against wall

7. To access the bottom room, simply release cover from wall and walk a few steps back/forward to the middle of the building. You will fall through the floor and boom.

Notes: Breach is pretty big, but unfortunately can only be used to kill with a sniper rifle. To exit you will need to kill yourself or join a contact mission.

Working - Xbox one, Xbox 360, Ps3 - 1.28

Location: St. Fiacre Hospital, Capital Boulevard in El Burro Heights, Los Santos.

To get into this wall breach you just have to climb over or wheel a bike over the highlighted wall in the screenshots, you can shoot out from inside these areas, your invincible inside and you can jump into another area of the roof from the same wall.






Working - Xbox one, Ps4, Ps3 - 1.28

Location: Popular St, East Los Santos [Piswasser Loading Dock]

To do the wall breach all you have to do is walk through the highlighted wall, your invincible from bullets, explosions, etc from the out side however you can't shoot out though the walls.





Hello again, fellow sinners! BizarreTheftAuto here, run by Thelema and Sir RaoulDuke... presenting you with another fire flame wallbreach for you to feast your eyes on.

Requirements - An Insurgent.. annnnnnnd that's about it.

Step 1 - Drive your Insurgent over to the location in West Vinewood shown in the video below. Park it around the middle section of the far left wall.

Step 2 - Climb on top and your character will start walking through the ceiling. Then just turn to the left, press X to climb up, and Voila! You're in the some b*tch! :biggrin:

I found this dirty bastard of a breach last night after recognizing the building. The Soyler Textile building is a spot that's been full of breaches since Xbox 360, but this method is one I've yet to see. I've also checked all over YouTube and 7s just to confirm, and couldn't find this method anywhere. So for now myself, and BizarreTheftAuto will be taking credit.

Requirements for the breach: Mule truck, body armor (just in case you fall too far.. although you could still die from this height), and a wee bit o' patience.
Step 1 - Go to the Soyler Textile building with a Mule truck, and make sure you have full body armor and health. Location is shown on the map in the video below.

Step 2 - From here on out it will most likely become a little tricky so follow the video to a T. Park the Mule directly underneath the fire escape that's on the right hand side of the building when looking at the front of Soyler Textile. Climb up the front of the Mule and onto the fire escape towards the left (closest to the wall).

Step 3 - From where your character lands, turn towards the ladder and start climbing. If it doesn't work right away pull out a pistol and roll towards the ladder, which should make your character start climbing it.

Step 4 - Get to the top of the first ladder and jump towards the wall. This fire escape is very glitchy and weird so it continuously makes your character keep climbing back down the ladders.

Step 5 - When you've managed to get to the third and final level, try your best not to jump or accidentally climb off the sides as it can be somewhat easy to do up here. The best you can do on this level is try to angle the camera in the right direction so that your character will walk around the ladder opening instead of climbing back down it.

Step 6 - Once you're at the blank wall on the other side... wait it's not a blank wall.. there's an invisible ladder over there!! lol :biggrin: Climb up it and your character will breach into the wall. As soon as you end up here, you need to immediately walk to the left so that you fall in that direction.

If done properly you'll land on an invisible floor in an area which I've yet to really explore but is also a part of this breach. From there just walk over to where you can see what seems to be a solid floor and your character will jump down into the another area. Once down here... the exit is in the back via under the map parachuting.

Annnnd we're back at it again! This wallbreach is incredibly simple and straightforward. This may be an old breach that has already been posted around the internet, but if not, credit goes to my boy Thelema.

Step 1 - Go to Sharkbite's location next to Vespucci beach (shown in video below).

Step 2 - Climb the wall right next to the yellow sign. Bada bing bada boom... you're in!

i Discovered this wall breach.. i think. anyhow. it was random as usual!

all you need is a tank or maybe another big vehicle could work dunno..?

Step 1: Get a tank rhino and push it inside untill the garage is filled. ( there is a step in the back wall so you need it to go on top of the step )

Step 2: after go on top of the tank mounted gun and keep jumping something will happen. just watch the vid.

here is the video

Well, this one here can be a pain to access. Not the breach itself, but getting a dump truck to its location. Keep your Insurgent handy so you can push the dump truck around in case it gets stuck, as well as climbing on top of the truck once it's in place.

Step 1 - Take your dump truck over to the location shown in the video below. When you get there call up your Insurgent so that it's nearby.

Step 2 - Pull the front of the dump truck up against the wall and then park your Insurgent next to it so that you can climb on the massive pile of dirt in the back of the dump truck.

Step 3 - From here what you want to do is try your best to get your character onto the highest part of the dump truck, doing combat rolls or simply running forward until you finally force your character under the ceiling.

Step 4 - Walk over to the left and jump through the grayish ceiling as shown in the video below. There's not a ledge or anything visible to grab onto so just keep trying to jump until your character climbs up. And you're all set... with a decent area to walk around in and f*ck around. :biggrin:

This isn't the same breach as going inside this building's interior, as there's no way to access the interior from this breach. Any attempts made at falling to that area simply make you fall completely under the map. Credit to Thelema for finding another DEEECENT breach https://youtu.be/KMEbmt1sxNs

All credit goes to Thelema for finding the breach, unless of course this is an old method that I couldn’t find after scouring the world pipe.


Step 1 - Drive over to the location marked in the video in Pillbox Hill. This particular breach is right next to the red parking garage breach that is incredibly popular on last gen, somewhat near the center of the city.

Step 2 - Drive into the small wall right near the short staircase but make sure to wheelie right before impact so that your back tire hits and launches you over the wall.

Step 3 - Drive all the way forward until you reach the wall of blacked out windows with a small overhang above and park your bike parallel to the blacked out windows (not in the corner but on the edge).

Step 4 - Then all you have to do is jump on top of your bike and climb through the ceiling. From here we can walk forward and you have a small area to chill in.

Keep in mind that this breach isn’t incredibly big and you will fall through towards the back. Also, you can shoot through a medium sized area located right near the breach’s entrance as shown in the video below.

Found by myself and Thelema

**Keep in mind that this breach may not work on the first try.**


Step 1 - Go to Paleto Bay and locate the Blaine County Savings Bank. (It's right around the center of that small chunk of the map that is Paleto Bay.)

Step 2 - Call up a firetruck by dialing 911 on your cell phone, wait for it to arrive and steal it.

Step 3 - Have your friend drive, and press Y at the back right-hand side of the firetruck so that your character steps up and holds onto the pole.

Step 4 - Tell your friend to drive directly across the street from the front door of the bank so that you have a decent amount of distance to gain some speed. Then all you need to do is have your friend back up into the front door of the bank, cutting the wheel a bit to the left right before they hit the door so that it forces your character through.. roughly near the center where the two doors meet.

Good day, fellow sinners! Today I have for you a new method to get into an old, and massive, wallbreach area that has been patched for quite some time (at least on current gen). What you're going to need for this breach is a Mule truck, and an Insurgent to push it in the correct position.

Step 1 - Steal or call up a Mule truck, and drive it over to the location in West Vinewood shown in the video. Also call up your Insurgent and have it parked nearby for when it's needed.

Step 2 - Back the Mule into the corner the best you can by backing up in between the large rock and the tree. Once the Mule gets stuck (and it will), you're gunna want to push the Mule with your Insurgent until it's as evenly lined up to the wall as you can get it.

Step 3 - Climb on top of the Mule and walk over towards the wall. Once your character is about to hit the edge of the Mule and will just about be underneath the overhang that's above... press X to climb up and into the breach.

Step 4 - From this point you want to aim your gun and walk towards the right, sticking close to the wall and being careful not to go too far towards the back of the breach as you will fall through the map. Once you get to the corner spot, simply walk around it and you should fall right into the much larger area.


Step 1 Get a rhino tank go to the (LOOK AT THE IMGs OF THE MAP) Building at Burton
Spe 2 Park it with violence under the building place the tank cannon on the angle(YOU WILL SEE IT BREACHING THE WALL) and get on top of it. walk slowly on it
Step 3 THAT'S IT

Comin' atchya with another fackin' easy glitch Bubs! What you'll need for this bad boy is a firetruck, and a friend to force you inside the breach. This method could be old, but if it isn't then BizarreTheftAuto found it bruv! :biggrin:

Step 1 - Go to the Fleeca Bank with your friend... the one that's featured in the very first heist mission.

Step 2 - Call up a firetruck and steal that sh*t. Have your friend get in the driver seat so you can hop on the back, right hand side.

Step 3 - Tell your friend to drive across the street to gain some speed, and back directly up into the bank's two front doors, aiming it just right so that you hit roughly around the center. And there you have it.. you should glitch through and be inside the bank. This may take a few attempts, but overall it should work out when done correctly.

Step 1 - Go to the location shown in the video below in the La Mesa area and climb onto the rooftop. There should be multiple ladders to get onto this particular building.

Step 2 - Walk around a bit until you find an area you can drop down to that has a brick wall with what seems to be a shuttered up window, and a ladder in front of it.

Step 3 - Walk over to the window and climb on in. There didn't seem to be any areasyou can shoot out of, but still a cool little breach

Credit to Thelema and BizarreTheftAuto, unless this breach is old and is posted somewhere on YouTube where we couldn't find it.

I think this breach may be old, but I couldn't find it on 7s so here it is lol If not an old breach then credit goes to RaoulDuke.

Step 1 - Drive an Insurgent over to the location shown in the video and park it in the left hand corner so that it's flush with the wall.

Step 2 - Climb onto the hood and then climb into the breach.

Step 3 - As soon as you're in the breach, aim your gun and walk to the right and your character should fall down shortly after.

From here you can walk freely through the two walls on either side of you, but there's an invisible wall throughout the whole breach.

Credit to Thelema if this breach isn't old.

Step 1 - Drive an Insurgent over to the location shown in the video and back it up so that it's flush with the left hand side of the doorway.

Step 2 - Climb onto the roof, walk towards the back and climb into the breach.

Credit to Thelema if this breach isn't old.

Step 1 - Head over to the location shown in the video and climb off the road so that you're standing on what seems to be a large rock formation or some sh*t.

Step 2 - Walk over to the concrete barrier and climb on top of it. Then simply walk forward or jump so that you force your character to fall in between two slabs of concrete, down into an opening in the map. Bingo bango, you should be parachuting under the map
If you feel a breach or interior is worthy of being added to this thread please feel free to contact either Avery Avery , Gardzz, JONNY0 Gandalf61 with links and a short message as to why you think it needs to be included. Please see the format used above and try to send us the jobs like that. It will make the process easier. If you just send me a video I WILL NOT watch it.
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I was never before and I still probably not going to be. I just want these type of glitches all in one spot instead of spread out so there are no re-posts.

Oh my bad, I thought you where trying to be like ConnectingHD. His purpose of making that Gta Iv post was to get stickied.


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Put this in my MEGA thread, now i dont have to post any more "how to get into this building" Glitches :smile:


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Where is it I will try?

It's the Fleeca Bank building in Paleto Bay from one of the single player scores. It's opposite the construction site.

Also, I'm guessing the trailer one works with Trevor's trailer and The Lost MC trailers too?


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It's the Fleeca Bank building in Paleto Bay from one of the single player scores. It's opposite the construction site.

Also, I'm guessing the trailer one works with Trevor's trailer and The Lost MC trailers too?

The one in Paleto Bay I haven't been able to get into and I tried for a while. I haven't tried the Lost trailers.


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:biggrin: i tried the FIB, and im in the NON burned version :biggrin: (1 floor down) or 2 
DONT TRY THE LIFT, u fall under the map ;'(


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i made a DM map with respawns in the building. im trying to get the non fire version too right now


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U can also get on top of the roof on the police station when ur inside just go to the office next to the double blue doors do a job quit n ur on the roof where a helicopter is waiting :smile:
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