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Unsolved GTA IV ISO Disk Mod menu - terrible lag and map rendering - Need advice.



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Really need some advice. (Xb360 - Major Distribution 13)

I’ve successfully hotswapped and installed my Iso disk, but I’m plagued with low FPS/nasty lag and rendering issues across the map whilst in free mode, i’m usually stuck around 16-20 fps and crash often, I can simply spawn into the free mode, jump in a random car and already I’m at 16 fps with a lag warning on the bottom of my screen from MD, travelling across the map (example: Alderney to Algonquin), leads to building, roads and trees not loading in, the only way to make them load in, is to pause for 20-30 seconds . . . It can’t be my Laser or Disk drive because the game is installed on my HDD, I’ve also tried installing onto a usb and also clearing system Cache 5 times, no luck. My room is also cool, so it can’t be overheating.

This is the second disk I have tried, both had the same problem. The guy I bought the disk from is a pro, I trust him 100%, the iso works, the menu works, I’m just having terrible performance. After ruling out HDD, Laser and disk drive, I guess the only two culprits are the disks or my Xbox . . . Somehow. But I’m not sure how a successfully burned iso disk, in perfect condition (not a mark on the disk), could lead to Low fps and problems loading the map?

Would really appreciate any suggestions/advice, thank you👍
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