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All Gta Crew Color Collection

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Getting There
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:smile:So with this thread I would like to create a place for us to share our crews ,
swap custom colors ,
and even logos !!!!

Feel free to post links to your crews wall here or send me a PM and I’ll link it to the OP.
:mad:Just Please try not to
  1. Post non working links
  2. Post private crews
  3. Change crew color without notice
  4. Change crew logo without notice
  5. Delete crews without notice
  6. Post offensive crew logos or names etc.
These rules are just to make things clean and easier to get some “modded” crew colors on our “glitched out rides”:wink:
but here nothing has to be perfect I understand :cigar:
Now with that out of the way

Getting started with crews:cool:
Getting deeper in crew making:eek:
(This may be updated I have to check)

The Crews:thumbsup:

Blurple paint and smoke
Pure Black paint and
Patriot tire smoke
100% Red
100% Blue
kifflom blue Glowing green So with your help, support and contributions to the thread
I’ll be able to link more “modded” crew colors and images
100% credit to any linked threads or founders of these links or methods we thank you for your hard work and contributions to the community
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My crew has Pure black and Patriot Smoke.

You want link ?
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