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GTA 5 Roleplay group (Members Needed) Xbox One



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Hey everyone ! I'm Director Syntex and im the Owner/Director of an RP Community on Xbox One called Department of Public Services. We are a fully staffed Law Enforcement vs Civilians RP Community. We have a complete CAD/MDT System and are devoted to the best most realistic RP that you can get on Xbox. We have around 45 members at the time of this post and we are growing quickly. We have a Media Team that will help you generate content for your YouTube Channel if you have one or to make one. There are structured Ranks and SOP's for each Department as well as an Applications Process, Followed by an interview and a formal Training from one of our skilled Field Training Officers. If you are interested in joining or learning more about us you can contact me on Discord - Syntex#2952 !

Departments that are currently Recruiting !
Blaine County Sheriff's Office
San Andreas Communications Department
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