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GTA 5 Role play community looking for new members (Xbox One)



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Hi, I'm a admin in BCSO role play community and I'm currently looking to add new members to our RP community

Here are the job duties and what will be open for a person if you decide to join.

◦ Civilian

◦ Deputy (Sheriff, State, or Highway as well as sub divisions)

◦ Fire/EMS

◦ Dispatcher

You must be 18 Years of age. Must have a working mic, must be mature and serious, and have the Discord app! Experience is not a must but a willingness to learn is. We have a working CAD (Police system to track tickets, arrest history, warrants, warnings, as well as the ability to write these types of articles) if you would like to see more about the CAD system and all its awesomeness, then watch the video below!

If you want to join please message (DimOrca) on Xbox One to begin the process!
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