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Solved Gta 5 help with DM please

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i need help figuring out how to really do the director mode please i mean i do all the steps correctly just saving problem and i don't really how to save it would anyone like to tell me how to save it it will be much appreciate it


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maybe post this in support? no one here will help you, youll just be laughed at


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maybe post this in support? no one here will help you, youll just be laughed at

i dont under stand how this was already in support, i could i sworn this was in the glitches subforum. well sorry for acting like a dickhead

other than that its patched


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i don't think it is patched since rockstar doesn't work on weekends

the original method by surreal glitching didnt work for me, however i did find another method posted by a different guy on page 55 of that forum that worked like bread and butter, i guess you can try that but if you cant get it to work after numerous tries then assume its patched


Worked for me for car/bike/plane purchase & upgrades :wink: (Both versions same)


1. Go online.
2. Go Creator. Exit to Story.
3. Go Start/DM. Enter DM.
4. Go Scene Creator.
5&6. Go Start/DM. Enter DM.
7. Go Scene Creator. Press Scene 1.
8. Go Props. Left dpad 4 times.
9. Go Start/DM (get Blackscreen).
10. Go Recent Activity, Decline Alert.

11. Go Start/Online/Play GTA Online/Go. Go PS/Settings/Network & untick Connect. Press PS button (get Blackscreen). Doubletap PS button & reconnect. Press PS button. Online stuff under GTA App appears. Press GTA App.

12. In Sky. Go Titan of a Job. At Lobby screen, leave.
13. Buy shizzle.
14. Fly to DM Spot on map (get Blackscreen). Suspend GTA. Go back to GTA.
15. Swap bought vehicle positions.
16. Go Creator. Go Invite only.



1. Go online with the Character you want to buy things for.

2. Go into Creator (Start/Online/Creator). Press Exit to Grand Theft Auto V. Have character standing outside.

3. Go into Rockstar Editor (Start/Rockstar Editor) & Press Director Mode. When at the trailer, press Enter Director Mode.

4. Hold Interaction Button to get Menu then press Scene Creator.

5. Press Start button, open Rockstar Editor & press Director Mode again, then press Yes to accept the alert to go back to the trailer.

6. Now at the trailer, press Enter Director Mode again.

7. Go back to Scene Creator & press Scene 1.

8. Press Props, press left dpad 4 times (you get an overhead view of the house/ground).

9. Press Start & enter Rockstar Editor again, press Director mode, you will get a black loading screen.

10. Press PS button & go to Profile/Recent Activities. Pick one (a bounty is good) & press Start GTA Online but back out (Circle) at the black screen asking are you sure. You will now be floating in the air.

11. Press Start/Online/Play GTA Online & press Go. As it starts to load, press PS button & go to Settings/Network & untick Connect to internet. Now press PS button to get back. A black screen appears, doubletap PS button & reconnect, then press PS button to get back to Homescreen. When online stuff underneath appears, press GTA App.

12. You will load into an online lobby with an overhead view like the one in step 8. Press Start/Online/Jobs/Rockstar Created/Missions & start Titan of a Job. At the Lobby screen, leave (Circle then X).

13. Now you are in the glitch. Buy some Ammo from your Inventory & see that your money does not go down. Buy whatever your pretty heart desires (cars, bikes, planes, their upgrades etc). Tula & Oppressor best for selling.

14. When done buying, fly to the spot marked in the OP's image in a copter (Maze Bank is 400 high, the spot is at 500). Your screen will go black. Press PS button & start Spotify or Utube etc. Press Yes to suspend GTA. When Spotify/whatever has started, press PS button then press GTA App.

15. You will load into Online. If you bought any planes/cars in step 13, go & swap their positions using the blue circle in your garage/hangar.

16. When you're done, press Start/Online & go back into Creator. When in, press Start/Online/Play GTA Online/Invite only.

DONE. Check your nu shizzle.


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Outfit Glitch DM

1. Open Director Mode

2. When in Director Mode (walking about), go Scene Creator > Scene 1 > Props

3. Choose any prop that makes you zoom out

4. Pause > Rockstar Creator > Director Mode

5. On black screen, go to a Recent Activity > Start GTA Online

6. Decline Alert


7.Pause > Online > Choose Character

8. When in the sky, suspend app, then turn off Internet

9. Go back to game, as soon as you see black screen, press PS button

10. Turn on Internet, then start another Recent activity

11. You should load to Character Selection screen, choose character with components you want

12. Wait for "Timed out" screen, wait 5 seconds, then accept and close app

13. When starting GTA, hold L1 + R1 after seeing police sirens.
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