gta 4 freezes when trying to fire rocket

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  1. shaunr

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    so I'm using a common file i got from the internet, with some of my own weapons modded. when i put the weapon file back to replace the old one, i was over file size limit, even though the file size was less, so i took out more text, and to the point where it worked. the text i took out was the lines for Episodic_1 and Episodic_2 or something like that. i'm wondering if that was the problem. i also modified the shotgun to shoot stronger but before it shoots there is a lag and it's annoying. maybe someone can tell me how to fix the problem.

  2. iG Jordan

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    Compare another .xml side by side :biggrin:
    You must have gone wrong somewere :rolleyes:
    Episodic 1-25 are new weapons put into the game what are most likely to be Water & Flames.

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