GTA 4 Fly The Co-op Achievement

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    I have been trying to get this achievement lately and find it quite difficult since everyone is taking their time in shooting as many enemies as they can to get more $$$.

    So, to get the achievement, we neet to beat the following time:

    1. Deal Breaker - Time To Beat 7:03

    2. Hangman's NOOSE - Time To Beat 2:32

    3. Bomb Da Base II - Time To Beat 5:32

    I beated Hangman's NOOSE yesterday with 2 guys and if you need help in getting this, I can do that as well.

    I am also asking for people who have flashed their xbox and installed the game with the mod so that we can have super fast cars to make the missions easier, hope someone could help!

    So if you want to get this achievement or simply want to help me out, please leave your Gamertag and I will add you asap, probably we can do it through bridging so it is easier to team ourselves up instead of being intruded by someone else. Thanks in advance.

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