Unsolved Gsc studio stuck on compilation and export

Mr Knife God

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Ever since I reset my PC, and redownloaded GSC studio, whenever I inject a target, it will just sit there on compilation. I literally left my house for a whole hour and came back and was still compiling. It can't be the game, because I just tried exporting in offline mode and it hung as well. Did I miss something I was supposed to install? Because it's really getting me triggered.
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It depends on just how big, or broken up your .gsc files are. For instance, my menu uses three .gsc files for calling and etc.

Main.gsc - Houses my menu design, verification system, some functions
functions.gsc - Hopefully self explanatory, this file just houses a lot of my functions for the menu in a clean, out-of-the-way system
fix.gsc - A small patch that stops the game from crashing if users enable too many mods. Lots of RAM fixes.

Between the three of these, it takes some time to compile, and/or export. Sometimes upwards of 20 minutes. You aren't doing anything WRONG, persay, you just have a large menu that you are trying to compile and inject then over FTP.
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