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Unsolved GSC Mod Menu Help (BO2)



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I'm new to coding and creating my first GSC menu. What I would like to ask is...does anyone know how to make your Menu Title spin? Like the text/number scramble effect? I've seen codes for spintext etc..but this is for displaying messages in-game? Thanks for any help.

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Iam new coding and I got GSC studio working now with no bug or virus in download file. I Thinks person that made GSC studio update so how work with virus protection on on my pc. I am looking four mod menu four call of duty black ops 2 zombie One that was made by se7ensins. I am lookIng four mod menu maker so I can make my own menu have what I what in menu and maker can change it into GSC studio code so us GSC studio to injection my games.so far I have been downloading file off YouTube to menu others have made. They work in real game but offline in custom game mode. I am looking four mod menu that unlock only stuff in real game mode of zombie so I can try mod menu online and to test server to see what can do with out been kicked by server or ban by server. Gsc studio as stop work again how it was work how again it try send my pc virus and move Gsc studio icon around.
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