Grenade Glitch - Still Working On!

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  1. thebellbell

    thebellbell Newbie

    Still working on exploiting this more but hopefully ill have something later tonight, i need someone to host to mess with it more.

    Glitch- "With Smoke In Inventory"

    Standing over an Ink Grenage with your pistol out, press B then quickly press X + UP on the D-Pad. It will show you holding a smoke in your hand and a smoke on the ground that replaced the Ink you picked up but if you try to throw it or stick it to a wall it does nothing. Now if you pick up the smoke on the ground it will put your hands at your side and walk funny, and you can hold A to run really funny but only once. Just switch to any weapon to go back to normal.

    Send a message to 'Bellhodg' if you want to be host later tonight when my roommates are done playing since they dont like glitchs except the 'Use any weapon with the shield glith' VERY USEFUL.

    Hopefully ill have the next part my Grenade glitch tonight!

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.