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Graphics Showoff Rules

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Graphics Showoff Rules.

a. This section deals with showing off any Artwork at the members will. Please note, that artwork posted here may be subject to constructive criticism. To end users, please note about giving such criticism:

Constructive Criticism
criticism or advice that is useful and intended to help or improve something, often with an offer of possible solutions

Be it so, any use of derogatory, vulgar, or personal insults will result in a warning, post removal, and possible further punishment. Any criticism is for the benefit of the original artist. If you can not find it in you to post helpful suggestions, do not respond to the thread.

Members who are receiving feedback are encouraged to ignore any feedback that may be deemed harmful, rather than helpful. Do not quote, or respond to the insulting member. Instead, report the post, and leave it alone, and a staff member will deal with the culprit. Any posts that do not add to the topic, or benefit the member(s) in any way may also be subject to removal, and possible further punishment.

b. Posting of copyrighted material, or the use of false claims of any member or outside artists creation is prohibited. Any caught making false claims on said artwork will be subject to punishment.

c. By posting in graphics showoff asking for feedback/criticism, you accept that all members have a right to state their opinion. If you would like certain people's opinion only, please contact them via PM.

d. The Graphics Showoff section is meant for work made by you only. All work that you have not created must be posted in the main graphics section and credit to the original creator must be given.

People who are suspicious, or certain of such acts taken place must contact a staff member with the original content. The staff will take immediate action.

Violation of said rules will result in the removal of your content and offenders will be subject to infraction.

These rules also apply to the rules listed in the link below and the rules listed below may apply here too.

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