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Graphics Requests/Pickup Rules

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Graphics Requests/Pick Up Rules.

a. As of now, there will be no contracting of any kind in this section. If you are found making or accepting contracts there will be heavy penalties and repercussions.

What is contracting?
It is when you tell whoever that you have X amount of money/services and will pay them if they make said work for you.

b. When making a request, be sure to state thoroughly what type of graphic you want, and how you would like to see the graphic executed. Follow this rough outline when stating a request:

What you want(Signature, Avatar etc):
Text (What it says):
Text Style/Font:
Render URL:
Extra Information (Such as if you want a specific Graphics Style or Border Style or anything else that may be important):

c. Threads posted in the Graphics Request & Pickup section can only be bumped once every 48 hours. Any excessive bumping can result in post removal, complete thread removal, and possible warning and further punishment.

d. Requests Allowed or Forbidden:
  • You are FORBIDDEN to request NSFW Graphics.
  • You are FORBIDDEN to request or offer paid services.
  • You are ALLOWED to request logos or designs for your website.
  • You are ALLOWED to request YouTube banners etc
  • You are ALLOWED to request Facebook banners etc
  • You are ALLOWED to request whatever Shop/Store banners etc
e. All requests are to be made on Se7ensins. This means that asking for someone to message you on Skype is not allowed. There is a perfectly good PM system in place and you can use that.

f. If you feel that you love their work and would like to donate money to them, ask them after they have made your banner/logo.

You DO NOT have to give them money. Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube requests are still allowed.

g. It is also against the rules to link your website/advertising in order to gain graphics for said website (this includes YouTube channels) and to ask people to join your graphics clan/website

h. Any posts that are off-topic in request threads will be removed and subject to further punishment. Only post in request threads / shops if you are making a request & don't complete other services requests.

Posts that are classed as off topic include but are not limited too:
  • One-liner responses ("+1","lol", use of emotion)
  • Advertising other services or activities.
  • Referral links from any website or forum.
  • Use of meme phrases such as: cool story bro, lolwut?, etc...

i. Request shops are accepted. However, each member is only subject to ONE request thread / shop. Multiple shops, or request threads made by one member, may be subject to topic removal and further punishment.

Make sure you detail requirements if you wish to include any in your topic description.

When making signature shops, they must include creation from the member running the shop. Such shops that are prohibited, but not limited to:
  • "Text-only" signature shops
  • Shops that only include the input of stock renders, with no alteration done to them.
  • Text applied to a stock background
  • Signature Generators (these are permitted only in the Graphics Resource forum)
  • Copying of Learning Rights Only (LRO) .psd layers
j. Members who run the request shop reserve the right to turn down requests if they see a reason for doing so. If you feel like you've been wrongly reject, contact the member privately or a staff member. Do not start arguments in the members request threads on such bases.

k. If a member fulfills ones request, they are allowed to simply tag the user in your post containing his request:

Post: "Pickup for /*member username tagged*/"

How to tag:
@/*members exact username*/ (without "/*" and "*/")

l. Any shops that break the rules, do not meet basic requirements, or shop owner is subject to disobeying the main board rules may be closed temporarily or permanently.

m. When creating userstyles, you must post credit to the source code makers, Krafty and Autonamus.

Violation of said rules will result in the removal of your content and offenders will be subject to infraction.

These rules also apply to the rules listed in the link below and the rules listed below may apply here too.

- Updated by denz (07/01/2014)
- Updated by Knowledge (02/01/16)
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