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Grand theft modification not working?


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The only mods i done were Max health, Max armor, max money.
Then i clicked write and resign con.
Opened modio rehashed and resigned the save.
Dragged it into xplorer360 then started the game but none of the mods worked.
I then opened the file again in Grand Theft Modifiication and the max health and armor stats were still there.

Health: 1E+30
Armor: 1E+30

Why didn't it work?


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try eclipse because that has a gta 4 editor. another thing, if you use the cheat Refill Health, Armor & Ammo it will disable the full god mod that you had done in Grand Theft Modification. so if you use the full go mod in Grand Theft Modification just make sure to only fill up your ammo & not you health & armor to.

so try that ^^ & if that doesn't work or help then.. iso mod or something.
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