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im new and im sorry if this is a newbie question but im geting an xbox that im going to jtag it my self and it has never been on xbox live dose that mean i get a kv in it? if so how do i extract it with what programs? I cant find any info on this any were!!! plz coment i realy need to know. Thanks

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Dude at least search around come on now.

Every xbox has a kv, whether it is banned or not idk. If the xbox hasn't been banned from xbox live then you're good to go. To extract it download 360 flash tools and open up your flashdmp.bin. Find out how to get that and continue from here. When you open your flashdmp.bin click on extract and select keyvault. Extract it to wherever you want, the will be a KV_enc.bin and KV_dec.bin You want the latter, the KV_dec.bin Theres your kv. But if you're not going to sell or anything then you don't need to do this.
The Truth

The Truth

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You say your going to jtag your xbox yourself, im assuming you need it to go online for Mw2 lobbies, therefore you will not need to get your KV.
In order to JTAG your xbox 360, You will need to follow this tutorial by " EclipseModz"

You will need the following to dump your Xbox 360 NAND.
- Computer with a LPT port(Printer port)
- LPT cable with a DB25 Male end.
- 5 100-Ohm resistors. I used 100-Ohm 1/2 Watt resistors
- 1 Switching Diode. I used 1N914 - 1N4148
- Solder Iron
- Some patience
- NandPro20b to dump the NAND
- Total Commander to make sure your dumps are identical

Note- If you dont have a computer with an LPT port, then you could use this product.
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