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Tools GoManager, The Best Bot For Multi-Account and Proxy Needs!


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This bot is very simple to use and works easily with multiple accounts and setting up proxies!

Step 1-[Click here to view this link][Click here to view this link]the GoManager and Extract it!
Step 2-Start up "PokemonGoGUI"
Step 3-Right click on the program when it starts up and click "Add New"
Step 4-Config to your liking by putting your Username/Password where it says Username/Password!
Step 5-Insert the walking speed where is says "Speed" but make sure to get go above 40km/h or it's likely for a ban!
Step 6-You can also select "Transfer Pokemon" if you want it to transfer Pokemon!
Step 7-Enjoy!

Video tutorial!

[Click here to view this link][Click here to view this link]| VIRUS SCAN
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I been using this one for a few days but for the life of me can't figure out how to load up on pokeballs. I'm out now. I tried messing with settings to no avail, any ideas?
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