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Discussion Godfinger Buffed DMG

Discussion in 'Borderlands 2' started by aho, Mar 26, 2019 with 0 replies and 706 views.

  1. aho

    aho Newbie

    I just ****ing love the Godfinger but even with the Community Patch it loses to any decent Sniper in the game its just a shame but it doesnt have to be when you have the power of MODs :cool: thats why im just gonna share this quick edit in the community patch to make it bypass the Elephant Gun and actually feel like its name say a GODfinger

    Open the Community Patch with BLCMM and go as follows:
    change the values in red to these ones:
    if you just want the mod code this is it:

    set GD_Lobelia_Weapons.sniper.SR_Body_Jakobs_6_GodFinger WeaponAttributeEffects
    AttributeToModify = AttributeDefinition'D_Attributes.Weapon.WeaponDamage',
    ModifierType = MT_Scale,
    BaseModifierValue =
    BaseValueConstant = 0.400000,
    BaseValueAttribute = None,
    InitializationDefinition = None,
    BaseValueScaleConstant = 9.500000

    Comparison Elpehant 3.08M / Godfinger 3.18M after applied:


    Just go have some fun :tongue:

    Elephant BL2(hwAAAAAuBgSECIAJBwGFEqBcADOAshdMBZj//2Bg/v8LoNQDA4Dy)


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