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Patched Ghost bike duplication thread. (Dupes save)

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This thread is going to be the new ghost bike dupe thread since I was given permission by the mods to just make a new one since op isnt updating the original. I urge you to read everything on this thread at least once, as some steps and information may have changed since the other thread did not keep getting OP replies/etc. This is around 3-4 minutes per dupe assuming you arent job teleporting, so it isnt some super fast method for dupes and seems to only work on PC.

Before we get into reqs and steps, you need to insure you are aware of the daily selling limit. Please read this thread with important information to not f*** yourself over.

A Facility with a full garage.
A motorcycle in your Facility.
A car you want to duplicate in the Facility.
CUSTOM PLATE this produces dirty dupes.
A Bunker.
MOC with empty personal vehicle storage.
10 car garage full of uninsured street vehicles or free elegys or Karim Rebels(3k)
Set your respawn location to your Bunker
A Motorcycle Clubhouse

Some VERY important notes before we get into steps:
you can use pretty much any vehicle to replace the bike if the bike isn't working and sometimes the bike won't work for some people at all and a car must be used in place of a bike.
if you intend to SELL the duped vehicle, you NEED to do it in the SAME GAME SESSION, this means you need to sell the duped vehicles before you restart your game, more on why explained in the next bit.

SOME parts on the duped vehicle WILL NOT SAVE if you restart your game, this means your mk2 for example, will not have missiles, countermeasures OR insurance on it, if you're looking to use the vehicle you NEED to restart your game and see what it might not have kept on it.

I have personally duped around 30 vehicles with this method and EVERY SINGLE ONE needed to have insurance put back onto it.

Finally we move onto steps.
1. Have spawn location be at bunker. (I have had this work with ANY spawnpoint as long as I drive the MOC out of the bunker instead of calling it via menu, but for the sake of time a bunker spawnpoint is just faster)
3. Enter your MOC and drive it out.
4. Register as MC president and call the motorcycle from your Facility.
5. Drive the motorbike behind your MOC and press E to enter the MOC garage.
6. Get off the bike.
7. Immediately get on (F) and press gas (W) to drive it out of the MOC.
If you hit the glitch, you will spawn outside with the motorcycle and it will disappear.
8. Walk or drive a fair distance away from your moc, otherwise the next step will NOT work.
9. Press M and request your MOC Vehicle with the interaction menu.
The motorcycle will spawn nearby "WITHOUT" PV marker.
10.Drive it into your facility.
11.Get in the vehicle you want to dupe and drive out of facility.
Stay in car.
12. Call mechanic and order uninsured street car or free elegy or Karim Rebel from your 10 car garage.
13. Drive to the 10 car garage and park outside.
14. Open phone and order a free elegy(Karim Rebel).
15. Save it over the car you just ordered from mechanic.
16. Drive inside garage before the elegy is delivered.
17. Save over the empty Elegy(Karim Rebel) spot with the car you are duping.
18. Go to Creator and back online to repeat the process.
I set V-sync to OFF and I believe the frame rate was constantly kept around or over 60fps.

Some extra tips that I have personally not used, but may help.
I'm reading topic right now, it will take some time until I finish, very tired today!
Then sorry if I posted some repeated tip.

Some tips for this glitch (some tips can be different because I tested some possibilities before casino update):

-MOC needs to be empty

-Garages which TARGET car (which you want to duplicate) can be in:
• Penthouse
• Arena
• Facility
• Nightclub
-Then you can replace facility with these 3 places in case you don't have one!

-Garages which you can't save duped car:
• Same as above (not sure about Arena)

-It's better to save time: One or more empty slots in Garage which car you want to duplicate is in, if it's full, vehicle will go inside MOC, you'll lose time next time. Unless you can enter on foot (not tested)

-If you can put some vehicle inside MOC, this one can be used in start of the glitch (car or motorcycle will disappear if done correctly, probabbly motorcycle is better because no need mechanic to request vehicle)

-After vehicle disappear, you can do a fast teleport next to garage where car you want to duplicate is in. You can do that in this step!
select job, spam right click and enter, it's Keyboard+Mouse exclusive, can't do that with gamepad, at least not so fast because inputs are different

-Always try this glitch in Invite only session (faster loading, no undesired things)

-Because this glitch is unstable, first time opening game gives you a higher change to do vehicle disappear!

**Before start the glitch I recommend you go to creator and create some race with trigger at bunker yellow marker!

I was trying lots of things to try save time and avoid restart game to do the glitch again, there is a good workaround I could do when the motorcycle don't disappear.
For me, until now, it's 100% rate of motorcycle disappearing (99% to be true, but it was my fault because I tried some different things in middle of process:
-Drive vehicle (talking about motorcycle here) and enter your Clubhouse with that
-When you character get out the vehicle, open menu, and start job Rockstar Created > Missions > Repo: RV Nearly There. Fully start the mission!
-Don't move your character (probabbly don't matter), open phone, cancel job by phone!
-Don't move your character (again, probabbly don't matter)
-Pause, and do fast teleport to your bunker job, with trigger at bunker yellow marker**, you'll be teleported and the entering bunker animation will come no matter what you do, trying to move or not, you'll enter the bunker
-Try do glitch now!

For me, doing that reached a higher success rate, a lot better than change session after sucessfull hitting the glitch! You'll lose more time starting and cancelling the job but since it's 100% workaround for me, I can't complain! :smile:

Keep in mind MOC/Bunker location can influence for success rate, I always run PC games without Vsync (because delay), and GTAV runs 1080p/60fps here, game caped at 30fps is really not good to this glitch (possible reason because you can't do it in consoles)

-I couldn't reproduce a pattern to hit glitch 100% without restart/change session (start/cancel job will change session too), but I could to do this 3 times in a row in same session!
Not sure if MOC always spawn in same place when you start game by first time/quit job

-It works even when you don't get vehicle entering MOC animation! My bunker location never allowed that by what I remember (not flat surface)!

-If you fail to do motorcycle disappear, you can store it in another place other than facility (because facility animation is a bit time consuming)

-If you got Arena Motorcycle MAYBE you can speed up the process trying use this vehicle at start of glitch AND duplicating same vehicle and even using MC menu to call that (without wait for mechanic cooldown), need testing because I don't have Arena Bikes :confused:

-Mk2 is possible best motorcycle to use in start of glitch because mobility depending where your places are

Make a good setup to do this glitch (places next to each other):
• Facility, Bunker, MC, 6 car garage and LSC easy to access (my previous bunker was Chumash, changed because this glitch)
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I (and the pc community) would be very appreciative if people reporting this as patched actually posted the trouble/issue they had in doing the glitch, as I preformed this flawlessly a few hours ago and it worked 100% fine and normally.

EDIT: editing seems to be bugged for the main thread, so as of this moment I will throw updates here until it is restored.

If moderators would mind sending patch reporters to just submit the problem instead we could come to a conclusion faster in regards to if this actually gets a patch or not.
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This has been patched, the vehicle no longer disappears when you exit the MOC.
(Tried several sessions with several vehicles)
RIP to the only way to save dupes on PC without using a mOd mEnU.
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This has been patched, the vehicle no longer disappears when you exit the MOC.
(Tried several sessions with several vehicles)
RIP to the only way to save dupes on PC without using a mOd mEnU.
So does this mean gctf cars dont save for pc now?
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