Getting on XboxLive with a HardMod

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  1. pat544

    pat544 Enthusiast

    hello, ive tried using the search and couldnt find any complete answers to what i want to know.

    what i want to know is:

    is it possible to access xbox live with a mod chip?
    and if so please post how or post a link to a tut on how to

    thank you lots xD
    if this is in the wrong forum please move
  2. Johnodd4

    Johnodd4 Enthusiast

    no because on xbox live they search for the mod chip.

    unless you have a stealth chip that the xbox live service won't detect.

    on another note why bother signing up with xbox live on a xbox 1 there really isn't anything left online except halo 2 and one other game.

    my recommendation use slayers evox disk and no i won't tell you where to find it search.

    it comes with xlink kai so you can play system link games online.

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