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Discussion in 'Grand Theft Auto V Modded Lobbies' started by The Irish Assassin, Jul 29, 2015 with 0 replies and 274,596 views.

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  1. The Irish Assassin

    The Irish Assassin (Re)tired eyes from the shadows Retired

    Hi everyone! I've noticed a stupendous amount of members here struggle to either know how to get an invite or even how to operate within the forums themselves. So, here is my easy to follow guide on what's what and how to get what you're after.

    I am not a host. Do not ask me for invites or use this thread to request them.

    Some basic rules of thumb.. (Please still read the section rules)
    1. Do not spam any thread (Including repeatedly begging for invites or mini-modding)
    2. Know the difference between a recovery and a modded lobby service (detailed below)
    3. Show respect to other members and the hosts. Disrespect gets you nowhere.
    4. Be patient, there is most likely more than just yourself waiting. There are only so many hours in the day.
    5. Read the first post of each thread. This is quite simple, it's the first post on the first page of the thread where the host will tell you exactly how to either purchase a service or join their lobby. If you don't read this you can be sure you're not going to be top of the list.
    6. There are no modded lobbies on Xbox One or PS4. So it's a recovery or nothing, when this fact changes you'll know.
    7. Transfers between last gen and current gen are no longer available so recoveries to these platforms is no longer possible.

    Recovery Services and Modded Lobbies, knowing the difference..

    Here on se7ensins we have two options for you to choose from within the modded lobbies section. A paid recovery service, where the host will use your account details to log into your account on a modified console and can then edit all stats of your account from money, rank and unlocks to garage editing and more, or a Modded Lobby. These are where a host will be running a free public lobby for members to join. In these lobbies normally the hosts can drop money, give weapons or vehicles but cannot modify your rank. Do not post in a recovery service asking for an invite and do not ask for a recovery in a money drop lobby. ​

    Why choose a recovery service or a money drop? Which one is for me?

    Well, to put it simply, if you don't want to spend money then a modded lobby is the place for you. Show a little respect and patience and when your time comes you could get millions from one session. If you don't want to wait and have some spare cash then I recommend a recovery service, not only is the ban rate for recoveries lower than it is for modded lobbies you can also specify exactly what rank you want, amount of cash and for a little extra have a full garage of cars just the way you wanted them.

    Free lobbies, getting that hallowed invite..

    Ok, so you want in. Let's talk about how to get an invite. Going back to the basic rules, remember not to spam and actually read the very first post on the thread. Don't just copy what other members have been doing, that's just lazy and I can guarantee that most members simply posting GamerTags have not read the hosts requirements. Try to ensure that your post contains all information that the host desires and is clear and easy to read. U$ing special characters isn't cool and bad grammar or punctuation can lead to a difficult to read post.

    For example:
    'my GT is: peterpan'
    can turn into:
    'my GT is:tongue:eterpan' (without the space)

    You can see how this could be confusing so it is worth looking to see that it hasn't happened. If you mess up your post please don't simply post again, use the edit button. Found on the bottom left corner of every post you make this is a really handy feature that can save effort and time and cut down on spam posts.

    All the lobby threads are locked, I should just create a thread asking for a lobby right?

    Wrong. Lobby or invite requests are against the rules. If you post your gamertag outside of a modded lobby thread asking for an invite it will be deleted. Threads within the modding or modded lobbies sections require one of the staff to check them before they are publicly visible. This means no one will get to see your thread in the first place so please just be patient and wait for a service to open. If you have no patience then buy a recovery, seriously there are too many members being cheeky to hosts currently. This has to stop.

    Omg!! Why is it taking so long??

    Going back over what I have already said, patience is key. Don't harass a host with personal or profile messages. If you're waiting to get into a free money drop, remember that every other member that joined the site today wants in too. If you're waiting on a recovery service and have paid, please allow the host at least 24 hours before complaining. Yes you have paid for a service but there will be more than just one recovery that the host needs to do and these do take time. Remember to only purchase services from a pinned host. Purchasing from a member with 1 post is always going to be dodgy territory and we have the approved hosts for a reason so please use them.

    Read this if you please, It is here to help you get what you're after and to help keep our section free from spam. I hope that it has helped those who read it in some way
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