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Get another 10 hours added onto Fifa 18 Origin access trial. ( Possible refund as well )

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This is kinda classed as Social Engineering, but either way here's how to get another 10 hours added to your Fifa 18 Trial.

This is intended for PC Users, but this could possibly work for PS4 if you explain to them that you closed the game but your PS4 didn't close it fully as it froze and ran in the background whilst you watched Netflix or something.

First of all, Make sure you have played Fifa 18 and that your 10 hours of free trial are up.
Now head over to EA Support: https://help.ea.com
Choose Fifa 18, Platform ( PC ) and the appropriate topic. I chose Technical Support and Game Won't Launch, but any option in the Tech section will do.
Click on "Select Contact" and if asked, choose "Chat Now". In the Subject box, just put something along the lines of "Fifa 18 Trial ran out even though I had 3 hours left ( put any number you want )"
When asked you are basically telling them that you closed down Fifa 18 and left Origin running as usual. When you came back to Play Fifa 18, it notified you that your trial had run out, even though you had (.... Any number hours....) Left... Obviously, under the illusion that I could keep origin running as per usual, I did not expect this to contribute to it taking time off my Fifa 18 hours seen as Fifa 18 wasn't even running.
In this instance, I request that my origin access subscription be canceled and the amount refunded as I did not receive what I paid for...

This should work for most, but don't copy and paste this otherwise they will cotton on!

This works due to that fact that origin takes time off your trial even when you have the setting page open before you launch the game!! ( The settings page is the "Play now" and "Game Settings" box that pops up before you launch the actual game.) Which most people don't realise that when this is left open, it counts to your trial time.

To get a refund on top of this. Use up the trial + the extra 10 hours you just got then go back to EA Support and tell them you had problems playing the game and it wouldn't load/stuck on menu etc.... Now ask for your origin access sub to be canceled and refunded.

Like if it worked for you.
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