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All Get a Tryout to Join HEROxGaming (WW2) (XB1)



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What we offer......
Almost 100 active members with HEROx in their GamerTag
8 years as an organization
eSports Team (Going to New Orleans MLG lan event in Jan, 8th on UMG fall tournament)
Monthly Contest and Prizes
HERO Merchandise
Members advancement structure
Website/Social Media/Twitch/Discord

We are looking for members with:
  1. Over a 1.00 KD in COD WW2
  2. 16 years or older
  3. Able to pass a tryout with a Gamertag change to HEROx(?), if accepted.

We have Casual Gamers to the Pro Gamer, to members on all the time, to on once a week. We all are family at HERO, come join ours!

If interested post on here or send me a message on Xbox One GT - HEROxRISKY7
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