Gears of War 1 & 2 NXE Help?

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    hello everyone, new here

    I've been looking at these forums for awhile and deciding to join, since this community seems to help eachother with a similar problem I have

    I got into Gears way too late to get most of the online achievements and I lost all hope of ever getting them...until now!

    I was wondering if any of you are willing to lend me a glitched account with all of the achievements (the weapons, hosting, seriously, and of course annex) for one day so I can glitch them (I'd like to do it on my own since my first account got haxed and I heard that this is the only way to get the gamer pic as well)

    I Promise I Will Give The Account Back!!! I know I'm new here but I'm asking for some faith, I am not an account-stealer.

    ***It also wouldn't hurt if the account had Seriously 2.0 and Party like its 1999 for Gears 2 as I need those 2***:thumbup:

    So can anyone out there help me out?

    Thank you for your time

    **sorry for the second post but I don't see an edit button**

    I heard that the account can be a silver one since the account that goes online is the one you're trying to get the glitch to work on, can anyone confirm this?

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