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Solved GCTF Phantom stuck in MOC

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The Fixer

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OK, so today during my GCTF exploits I, without question assumed that a modded Phantom Wedge would just end up wherever but to my surprise is now stuck in MOC as I cannot move it to the Special Vehicle Warehouse . I already have a phantom wedge and thought they'd just swap over. I sloe have in SVWH ruiner, ramp buggy, Coil rocket voltic and Blazer aqua.
Any ideas how to free itf rom my MOC?

Navy Davey

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Have you tried calling it out via the interaction menu?
Go to MOC options and try to call it out from there.
Then go through the steps to save it in your SVW.
If that doesn’t work.
Try pushing it to the nightclub entrance.
Take whichever car you have in the nightclub entrance and drive it into the MOC.
It will push the wedge there.
I’m not sure if will be visible.
If it is drive out and go through the steps to save it.
If not try calling it via the mechanic.
If that works do the steps to save it.
If not you can just save a free car over it at that point.
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