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Working GCTF 1 Seat Vehicles

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GCTF 1 Seat Vehicles

Rockstar have unpatched the original GCTF method where the vehicle is set to “everyone” which means we can now give bikes and other 1 seat vehicles.

GCTF Give Cars To Friends Glitch (After Patch)
It looks like the original method AND the "everyone" (not "passengers only") Methods are somehow unpatched and **WORKING AGAIN** (for now).
So, the old GCTF Glitch was patched. (When you get in your friend's car while invisible, it kicks you to story mode).
**[Work-Around/Changes Begin at Step 13]**
This Glitch seems long..but it is not. The walk through is long because it requires detailed explanation, but is a short GCTF Glitch.

(The Receiver does most of the work)

**Receiver needs:**

?Arena Workshop or Nightclub
?MOC with personal vehicle storage

**Step 1)** Receiver goes to their arena garage on **Level B1** or **Level B2** or Nightclub garage and tell the giver to start any mission

**Step 2)** Receiver goes to the elevator and hover over "enter arena workshop"

**Step 3)** Receiver then tries to join giver in mission by spamming A on Xbox or X on PS when the prompt comes up asking if you're sure. (Your character will start walking into elevator as you go into clouds.)

**Step 4)** Quit the job and tell your friend to quit too

**Step 5)** Receiver will spawn back **inside the arena workshop** (or outside your nightclub if you did it that way.) *Re-do this part if you spawned somewhere else*

**Step 6)** Receiver now gets in any car and drives outside then drive forward a bit and then reverse into the blue dot by your garage door. Hover over the garage choices and press A(or X on PS) and then start spamming Y/Triangle and you will fall through the map.

**Step 7)** Receiver will spawn in road and needs to die in any way (take the easy way out)
**[Receiver is now glitchy and ready to go to glitch location and start receiving cars. Steps 1-7 only need to be done 1 time. After this, numerous cars can be duped using the next steps over and over.]**

**Step 8)** Both go to [this location] which is 3 streets down from the Ammunation in the north side of the city.

**Step 9)** Receiver go and put face against the wall and call in MOC and an Elegy(This Elegy will be replaced with the new Dupe) The Giver now parks the car they're giving in front of the MOC.

**Step 10)** Both get in Elegy, Receiver driving and giver in passenger side. Passenger(Giver) now clicks down on the d-pad to choose character switch to Michael (which brings up the "quit to story mode" screen) and stays on that black "are you sure?" screen.

**Step 11)** While both now in the car, and giver still on that screen, Receiver drives up to back of MOC and press right d pad to enter the MOC and it will kick passenger out. Receiver now move your elegy out of the way and get out of the car. Passenger now "takes cover" against the back of the MOC for the rest of the glitch.

**Step 12)** Receiver now on foot does the "attempt character switch to Michael" then "cancel" 2 times (by clicking the d-pad to offline character then "cancel" when the menu asks if you want to leave GTA Online) and then enters your MOC. Screen will be black.. immediately start doing the "character switch to Michael then cancel" button combination a few more times. You will spawn outside the MOC invisible.

**Step 13)** (Receiver, invisible) gets into Passengers Seat of car.

**It will glitch you and the car into your MOC.**

The car is now yours!

###Rinse and repeat from step 10-13, to dupe as many cars as you want in about a minute or two each.
###**1 Seater Method:**

Method 1: Try with vehicle set to "everyone" instead of "passengers only" as it seems to be unpatched now.

**1.)** Once invisible, the giver uses jerry can then shoots at vehicle till it burns and before it explodes, the Receiver hop onto it.
The Receiver will spawn in the MOC with the one-seater but **ITS NOT SAVED YET**.

**2.)** Before exiting the MOC, the Giver needs to call Mors Mutual to claim their car. One they have it, the Receiver can exit the MOC with the duped one-seater.

**3.)** Receiver needs to take the one-seater to the Nightclub, get off bike, walk to garage blue circle, and when the menu comes up, back out and take your one-seater to the MOC.
**One-Seater vehicle is now stored**




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why make a new thread on this when you can just update the other thread to let people know it works again. o and how tf would some give a 1 seater if you have it set to passengers only smdh

Native Pride 1988

Native Pride
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why make a new thread on this when you can just update the other thread to let people know it works again. o and how tf would some give a 1 seater if you have it set to passengers only smdh
Thats happened to newbie. That was happened to me before about 2015 and 2016 when I was newbie here on 7sins, really awkward and I'm not familiar with 7sins member, I through I could add new thread and I have been learned a lots since 2015. My mistaken in past.

Gctf are great so far.
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