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    After 8 years of using the se7ensins forums as a reference for the cheating community at large, I have finally been compelled to endorse a cheat that has done nothing but make me happy with it's performance, quality, and ease of use on any platform, Intel or AMD.

    That is the Apex Legends cheat from GatorCheats.com

    ESP Performance:

    While there certainly is room for improvement (and Gator is constantly improving to keep his community happy), there is also nothing to complain about with this feature. The bounding boxes follow the enemies flawlessly, health bars are accurate, and it doesn't cause any frame loss during gameplay. Having quality ESP is a must in any Battle Royal, and it doesn't get much better than this.

    Aimbot Performance:

    Hooboy. After Gator pushed his most recent update for the loader, this Aimbot is nearly flawless at any range. You could go full rage mode and down people in a quarter second, or tweak the settings for a more legit feel. I perfer the former personally.

    Ease of Use:

    I have used other loaders for Apex (HC), and the hoops you have to jump through to get them to run... can be daunting, frustrating, and even then... you are probably still going to crash. With Gator's loader however, there is minimal setup, and I can honestly say that to date I have NEVER crashed in a game.

    Overall Quality:

    There may be a few QoL things on my wishlist for this cheat, but I have no doubt in my mind that they will be coming down the line. But if you were to purchase this menu today, right now, you would be happy - plain and simple. AND if you did have any issues whatsoever, you are invited to a private discord channel that Gator hangs out in, and helps you get things going.

    Final thoughts:

    No, I wasn't given anything to write this. But with all the aimbots/esp loaders I have used over the years, this is the first one that I can stand fully behind. Especially right now, in the community, with so many menus being thrown out there for Apex, it is easy to spend a boatload of money on utter garbage. I have made this mistake, please let me help you avoid it. If you want a trusted cheat that won't crash, or get you banned in 3 days, and can help you rage win a round, go with GatorCheats.com

    I will be sure to update this post as new features and improvements are added.
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