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    So graduation is coming up and on top of getting my college free for the past year and a half while being in high school, I have received enough scholarship money through various scholarships to where I only have to pay for 500$ of my college(yipee!). My parents have given me two options:

    I can have a graduation party, and they'll give me 500$ and whatever else I get from other people


    They will buy me a laptop of my choice as long as it's not completely retarded.

    My question is, I want a laptop that is versatile. I want something that's top of the line, but I dont want to exceed 4500$.

    I don't want a 38 pound laptop(exaggerated, but you get the idea) but I also don't want a netbook gaming laptop cuz that's just too small. If you need to know any details about me, or what I want just ask here and I can tell you what you need to know.
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    Falcon Northwest has a model called FragBook TLX and it was designed for exactly what you're looking for, a fairly light gaming laprop. Since it's Falcon Northwest you know it will be top of the line and it will be expensive but you can configure pretty much everything on the laptop which is nice. Here's a [Click here to view the link] to their web site.
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    You should get this.

    ASUS G72GX Core 2 Quad 6GB RAM

    [Click here to view the link]

    I have the lower quality one. Mine has 500GB, 4GB, and Core 2 duo. Paid $1,000 and it plays Crysis on high great.
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    Already showed you the HP ENVY. It's much cheaper and looks better and is the same/better in areas than the ones posted.