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Unsolved Gamerscore Modding


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Hi all, I've tried modding my gamerscore for a while, it only works if I use an account that had been modded but hasnt joined xbox live.

When I try to mod achievements with an xbox live profile, it never syncs to the xbox one.

I'm also trying to get a million+ gamerscore, I installed a lot of gpds that was meant to give you 1.8 million, but I only get 400k if I unlock the achievements with velocity.

Can anyone help me? I'll greatly appreciate it :smile:


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If you are trying to transfer to the Xbox One you first need to mod them on the 360 slowly and not add a ton of games and gamerscore right off the bat. Which fair waring if you are trying to get 1M+ gamerscore you will more than likely have the gamerscore either wiped, temporary ban, or in worst case a full account ban permanently. But you can use velocity to mod achievements and then sync them on 360 then check Xbox One and make sure that they are synced there too. I wouldn't suggest doing that many off the bat and also I believe that they have a safeguard in place that you can't bring an offline account online with gamerscore due to the modding of it back in the day as well.
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