GameCam v2?

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    Ok, I wanted to record some halo pc and Crysis footage. So I was looking and saw Fraps and then I bought the registered version of fraps and then I went to record and my RAM was instantly all eaten up by Vista and Halo and Fraps. Then I looked at the videos and the files were 3 GB for a 2 minute movie! So then I saw GameCam and I was like oh this is cool. So I downloaded the trial but I couldnt hear or record for more than 30 seconds.....:mad: So I tried to buy GameCam v2 but found my self short on cash due to the rip off Fraps gave me! So can anyone reply and tell me a serial for gamecam v2? Its just Fraps suckd and gamecam v2 registerd is wayy better. The file size is only like 50MB for a 2 minute video!

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