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    Gametype Mods(19)

    Rspwn Md by: Shad0w LAG
    No Respawn Time by: Anth0ny562
    Respawn Time 0 by: iGuardian
    Flame throwers by: MASTER ELITE 56
    Flame throwers by: Zedthamis
    Missile Pod Srt by: SA-Mods
    Brute Spyker Start
    Small Sword Srt by: SA-Mods
    Beam Rifle Start by: walapu
    R-Snipers Duel by: xI Reapers Ix
    2 swords by: gamecheat12
    Forge by: jfrankmod
    Fight GT by: SA-Mods
    No wepon by: ShotSpartin1177
    N Wъ by RS1075
    Slayer 001 by: ShotSpartin1177
    FT-Forge by: R-Sean
    C Neutral Flag by: R-Sean

    these are some gametype mods
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