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Discussion Game-Tuts have Reach?

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Been browsing and noticed Game-Tuts have aquired a build of reach? Not sure if it's true but I figured what do you guys think about it. They said they are going to be doing a live stream in a bit.


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Toxic;287914 said:
As some of you guys know, Joakim posted a thread regarding " I have reach " and showed a few screenshots.

The thread, words, and work is all true.

The legend series of 'Halo' was ending with a bang, a bang of that will leave the re-playability high, keeping Firefight blazing.

We now pronounce this to you. The team of Game-Tuts have acquired Reach. This isn't just a bunch of files thrown together and slapped into the JTAG External Memory.

Think of it this way, "Xport", only if we can manage it correctly since a PIRS file of 6.87gb is a "god package" - quote from Cthulhu.

We are still working on this and more information is to come. The only thing I can say is that retails might have the ability to play Reach on the files information. PIRS files are signed by Microsoft and given the ability to be played on a retail.

The game "Halo : Reach", as if all goes well, will be shown on a LIVE stream[Offline] via our channels, I believe we will have more than 1 stream. Expect a full blown amazement of a glorious game that we all have been waiting for in 2010.

The GameTuts staff have all participated in the work of "Halo: Reach". The main members of our team, Matty and Cthulhu have worked endless hours, pushing the barriers to allow our golden faces play "Halo: Reach". The intelligent mind of our beloved Admin, Matty worked endlessly to acquire this game, the deed was done. The moderator of GameTuts, Cthulhu is now the man of his word to work on the game file and allow our members see "Halo: Reach" before its release.

The words among the team came to agreement that "Halo: Reach" will NOT be leaked, given, or distributed to any site.

As for now, the game has not yet been played, but expect to see some action. We all warmly welcome you a good day[good night] for you fellow gamers.


GameTuts Staff




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Opened and cleaned this thread since it's really the only place you can find the original post. I would like to point out that they really didn't do any of the hard stuff, and I don't think anyone appreciates this little publicity stunt that they pulled.

Here's a log of the main "hacker" :rolleyes: that put his name all over this little charade:

8/19/2010 5:16:05 PM Cthulhu: hey jester
8/19/2010 5:17:39 PM Jester: ?
8/19/2010 5:17:49 PM Cthulhu: do you know how to decrypt a .xcp file
8/19/2010 5:17:51 PM Cthulhu: ?
8/19/2010 5:19:05 PM Jester: go away pls
8/19/2010 5:19:10 PM Cthulhu: :x3:

None of the Game-tuts members responsible would even have a clue how to pull the file over http or where to start had it not been for the truly intelligent, hard working people in this scene. What you are witnessing is a trickle-down effect where they were part of the first dozen or so people to get the game, and instead of keeping it to themselves like everyone else did, made a big *** deal out of it so that they could get traffic to their truly awful little website.

Don't give ignorant media whores attention.
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