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Solved Game Startup Problem

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I'd like some help on a problem that has arisen! Whenever I try to load any game, both disc and on my hard drive, it doesn't even load, or show anything. Just a black screen. Now it's not like my xbox can't read the game, it reads it fine, ie. If I put NBA 2K14 into the disk drive, it shows NBA2K at the xbox home with the logo and Lebron. But when I click on it, boom. Black screen. This isn't just 2K, it has happened on every single game I've tried to play. I can still press the home button, message my friends, and turn off the console. But when I try to dashboard though, it just freezes. And all my discs aren't mint, but they are in pretty good condition. Any help would be appreciated immensely. Thanks in advance!
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