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[Game Servers] Nyx-Gaming Rust/GTA servers

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If this is the wrong section, I apologize. I searched on looked at a few previous postings and it wasn't a general section. Was posted everywhere. Feel free to move it this doesn't belong here.

Welcome to NYX-Gaming! We are a chill and relaxed community and do plenty of PvP so come check us out on discord and enjoy the server!
My name is Vonkova. I have been a long time member on 7s. I calmed down a lot on the modding scene, instead my team and I started to host multiple game servers for gamers looking for a fun server to come out and try!
Currently we offer two servers. Rust and GTA. (Battlefield 4 and Minecraft are currently being worked on). We have a populated discord at the NYX-Gaming discord that is used as the hub for our servers. GTA server is a separate server since its a roleplay based service.
Below are some explanations on the game servers.


We have x2 gather for everything including quarry's/smelt time. Last wipe: 7/14/20 \n Next wipe: 8/6/20 (This will be a full server wipe/bp wipe
Some quick features on the server;

� BetterChat
� Rustcord (For Discord integration)
� BetterLoot
� Furnace Splitting
� Homes [3 MAX - (VIP 5)]
� Starter kits
� ClansTags
� Vote to Skip night
� Shorter Nights / Longer Days
� RemoveTool
� Vote Rewards
� PMing
� AutoDoors
� Custom Skins Shop (Donators Only)
� Rideable Animals (Donators Only)
� Sil (Donators Only)

Nyx-Gaming Discord;
Nyx-Gaming Discord Link


Here at San Andreas official Roleplay:
Have active staff
We are also open to recruiting for all departments.

We have:
Custom Civilian Vehicles
Custom Emergency Service Vehicles

Departments we have:__

San Andreas State Police
San Andreas Park Rangers
Blaine County Sheriff office
San Andreas Highway Patrol
SAN Andreas Fire Department (coming soon)
Civilian Operations


Must have:
A working mic
Must be 13+ to join

To allow you to get your best experience SARP is allowing you to use your own trainer
GTA Discord;
GTA Server Discord Link
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