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Funny 1 v 1, Anger Management is a good word.


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Alright so heres a simple story. We 2 v 2'd these kids search highrise, me and my buddy porter were doing trick shots and these kids beat us. After that I challenged him to a a 1v1 and just watch. Can't hear? turn yor volume up

PLEASE comment on my Dazzle Quality.


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how big a map would the guy like would he like to play in cardboard box is the guy just gona play one map all the time well that would be interesting
one of the things that annoys the crap out of me about mw2 is everyone thinks they can quick scope so you get like 4 kids with snippers RUNNING around the map (as you would with a sniper rifle)

and how does he propose to get hit markers when the shots are no where near you

idiots like him ruin the game b****ing about everything i just unplug the mic wire from my t.b most games i cant be doing with there crap i play games to get away from problems i don't need kids giving me more specially the ones who have to argue with there own team i got called every name under son one time because i got more kills then my team mate
im like we won whats it matter they don't seem to realize that a team death match is team based its a big ole run to red dot free for all for most of them ..

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No all videos related to gaming belong in Gaming Videos... This was in MW2 discussion...
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