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IW Frost Gaming Now Recruiting! [XB1]



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We are Frost Gaming. At the end of the day, we play to win..plain and simple. We are super competitive but at the same time, know when to have a good laugh..after all this is a brotherhood. All we know is that NO ONE likes to play solo. We are pretty much prepping to have a solid unit so that whenever your on, someones going to be on. Over here we are most importantly about working together to achieve a common goal.

*How to Join:
Overall to join Frost, simply reply to this thread or send me xGrimmm a direct message on XBL to request a spot, also within that waiting period you should download the app called Discord. This will enable us to talk freely outside of XBL , and gives everyone the ability to see when/if anyone is online, and to get to know what type of player/person you are. Im building a clan that is not just a clan, but a brotherhood that is here for each other.

- You MUST have a mic (call outs and overall teamwork is essential to winning)

- Rep the clan tag ALWAYS… (No point joining a clan if you won't support who you play alongside, and show the world which brotherhood you run with. It helps out in finding possible new recruits too.)

- Recommended age is 16+ (We will accept younger recruits but are required to have at least a 1.40 K/D and have above average maturity.

- 1.25 K/D at least, no exceptions. (Even though we are a team, we are only as strong as our weakest link)

- Last but not least….Family & Health comes first. (If your going out of town, sick, family gathering, basically anything that has to do with your personal life. All we ask is just a simple heads up so we will know you won’t be on for a little while. We understand this is still just a video game.)

- ANYONE can move up in rank, all it takes is a little dedication and ability to lead. We show no favoritism here.

- We are a brotherhood, so that means no one gets left behind.

- Leaders have an open door policy. If you need anything or even just want to talk, let one of us know.

- And FINALLY….Drama is not allowed, trust me we will all butt heads..but we are all too old to bicker over a video game. Drama will simply get dismissed from the clan. Simple as that.

****Loyalty is the biggest thing behind the clan. Without it, we are nothing.****

*Please only comment if you are interested in the clan, or have any questions about us.*

Angel Soto

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Im interested in the clan im only 15 but I have little over a 2.0 K/D from mainly competitive playlist and of course I have a mic I dont have a scuf but I played claw the day I ever picked up a controller.
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