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Patched Friend Driving car/s in your Garage

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Getting There
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Me and a friend were doing the drive in your garage glitch when he randomly got in my car in my garage.

OK so here are the steps
1:Invite a friend to the garage
2: Hop in a vehicle and hold down on the dpad, then hover a campaign character.
(Seems to work if hes in car too)
3: Press RT(Not sure on PS3) then let go of dpad on "said" character.
4: Back out of the Yes or no screen. You should be driving out. {you must do it before he gets in the garage}
5: When he gets in and you are invisible on his screen, you did it correctly.
6: Press Start, Online, Jobs, Host Job, Choose a Job close to the apartment. 2 Mile max.(Well for me its easier to load up from close jobs)
7: When it loads, Quit it. You should end up outside the apartment or in the garage area outside. Keep walking in until it allows you to into your garage.
(Sometimes your friend will see his cars. But thats cos glitch seems to teleport him into his garage)
8: Your friend can now drive around( You can also do the drive glitch and ram each other)
Extra: It only teleports I think, if you drive another car out.

Also, get in the car with him and you'll teleport in it, then park next to tv and go into it. If you try a few times you will end up in his apartment or inside the room at the back.

I didn't see anyone post this so thought I might aswell.

Can someone please record this! Greatly appreciated!

If you need help, Message my gamertag: DLNGY
If I do not reply or am on a different game. Ill get to you ASAP.
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The Artist

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Not working since patch 1.10


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All u have to do is do the new car dupe glitch with a person in the car, it will kick u out the garage and the other player will be the driver in your garage and be able to drive around in it.. This def works on 1.10 been doing it by accident all day!

**Could be a new way to give cars away tho
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