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Alright so the original poster of this thread isn't very active and his post was dated June 2012. A lot has changed since then so I took the answers of the questions and made them apply to today. Hopefully this depletes a lot of unneeded threads.

Please read this thread before making a thread. Your question will most likely be answered here.

Q.: How can I get Infections?
A.: You can get them by joining modded lobbies such as a XP or Challenge lobby. However, you need a Jtag to mod things like this as stated in Swizzy's stickied thread. You cannot infect other people from retail to retail.

Q.: Can you host Challenge Lobbies?
A.: Yes. You will need a .dll capable of unlocking challenges and you will need to get your JTAG online using Xbox Live Server.

Q.: Can someone send me the TU8 Files?
A.: Posting warez in non-Premium forums is strictly forbidden. If you need anything warez related (such as .xex's), you will need to buy premium.

Q.: Can someone give me a Public Cheater .dll (aka Unlimited UAV, Wallhack etc.)?
A.: Yes, we can. There are various mod menus that have this option in them. You will find them in the MW2 Modding Section.

Q.: Can someone derank me?
A.: Some mod menus that have been recently released have the option to derank people. However, if you want someone to derank you, you will need to give them your account information in which you could easily get scammed. With the ability of JTAGS to go online, you can join a lobby in which the host deranks you, but the chance someone will host a derank lobby online for free is slim to none.

Q.: Why won't my .dll work?
A.: Depends. Either you made a mistake while coding it or you do not have the required files.
If you don't know how .dll coding works and how to do it properly, then please read this thread, it will tell you how to know if something's wrong with your .dll as well.

Q.: Can someone give me the Download Link for the .dll File?
A.: You do not need to request a link for a .dll file. You can find plenty of .dll's in the MW2 Modding section. It is important you use the search bar before posting. In most cases, you will find what you're looking for by searching.

Q.: How do I use the .dll?
A.: As mentioned above, you need a Jtag / RGH / XDK of course. Once you have it, you need to get the TU8 Files and a .dll which you want to host. After you have all that, you actually just need a USB and drag and drop all the files on it. Once finished, just plug into your Jtag, go to XeXMenu or whatever you use and copy and paste the Files in the MW2 Directory. Then launch the .xex File and create a System Link game or start a private match if you have your JTAG online. After that, join the game on your retail.

Q: My retail won't connect to my JTAG. How come?
A: Make sure your JTAG is connected to your router/internet connection and make sure both consoles have the same title update on them.

Q: Will TU6 patches work on TU8?
A: No, they will not. On TU6, people used patch_mp.ff's and they no longer work now. We use .dll's on TU8. The game will not connect if any of the patch_mp.ff data is modified now.
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