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Unsolved Freezing Issue's & unable to connect to people on games! [JTAG]



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Hey guy's I recently decided to dust off my Old Jtag due to the whole No KV mode & free online being so readily available now a day's I was super excited to get back into it but I'm having these really odd & annoying problem's everytime I try & connect to the Online on Modern Warfare 2 it continously fetches players & when i do get past that screen it won't find a game for me I have real Xbox live gold so it's not that and no dlc is installed. I also can''t find games on any of the other call of duty titles before Black Ops 2 what is going on does anyone know h ow to fix this because I'm stumped never had these issues before not sure what's going on.

Also looking for the BO2 remote recovery tool if anyone knows where I can get that as all the links have been removed.

Any help would be appreciated & if you can fix my problem I may even gift you a month of premium. :smile:
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