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    I will help anyone that needs help in swat for free because I like playing swat for the fun of it. I am currently a 50 on my account, so add my brother's account - XS4MXBLINDSHOT which I will play on to help you. The account is a 46. Only add my bro's account if you are 40 or above in skill. If you are worse than that, please give me a 48 hour or a one month so I can boost you because I don't want to bring my bro's skill down if you are not a very good swat player. Also, we will get matched with higher ranks. If you give me a one month, I will return it to you whenever you want for example, if you need help getting your 40, and I have finished boosting you to your 40, I will delete the one month off my xbox allowing you to recover it for I will have no further use of it. For the majority of the time, I only play on the weekends, so that's probably the only time I can boost you. My bro's friend list may be full, so post you gamertag here so I can make room for you on the weekend.

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