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FREE - PC ONLY - 12 HOURS OPEN Grand Theft Auto 5 Drop Lobbies 2.5K BAGS


We must give more in order to get more.
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Tryna make it rain once again hopefully haters will stay away this time hehe

How to JOIN:
- Write your SC (Social Club) name in this thread and I send you a message so check your Social Club messages because my friend list is mostly full the whole time!
- Once you get added simply join me
- Get rich and have fun before this game dies

Do not spend money in my session
Do not bank money in my session and avoid doing so in other sessions too, keep them cash
Do not write suspicious or modding related stuff in the ingame chat or ya gonna get blacklisted instantly
Passive mode is required
Respect other players and do not steal their money or punch/kill em

Disclaimer: If you get banned I won't be responsible for that, you're joining at your own risk. Who tells you money drops are 100% safe is just fooling you, there's always a chance to get caught, this is a fact everyone knows but many won't say cos they like taking advantage of people you know what I'm saying.

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Approved! Please note that you are NOT allowed to charge, offer recoveries, advertise offsite contact, or lead users off-site via this thread. If you're found doing this, your thread will be removed and you may receive an infraction. You are also NOT allowed to prioritize anyone who donates to your lobby - they cannot receive special treatment in your lobby because they donated, nor can you provide them any paid services, etc. You will also be infracted if we find out that you're prioritizing your donators. Please remember to report your thread to be opened or closed at the start or end of your hosting session, respectively. Please keep in mind that you are NOT allowed to do any of (but not limited to) the following via this thread:
  • Advertise and/or charge for any type of service
  • Advertise and/or provide benefits to users who donate to you
  • Lead users offsite in any way, shape, and/or form. Such as (but not limited to):
    • Social media contacts, email, text, instant message
Failure to adhere to the items listed above will result in your thread being deleted, and your account receiving an infraction. If anyone sees this thread violating any of the hosting guidelines of this section, or rules for the site, please report the thread ASAP. Thank you for hosting for free on Se7enSins! Notice: I am not the host, please do not message or quote me asking for an invitation to the lobby.


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I will follow your rules
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Also, would you mind adding SC: MiamiCanes305 as well? He has read and accepted your rules as well. Thanks!
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