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Solved Free MW2 Lobby By the click of a few buttons

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This is the website were you can get into a free MW2 lobby. This is a professionally codded site and has a fully functional login system and you can login and and chat to members. If you revive 100 points by completing surveys you will be invited to a MW2 lobby. Once you recive 100 points you have to go to the forums on my site and post that you have 100 points and what your gamertag is. You revive 10 bonus points when you sign up. Once you sign up go to the members section and click get points. You have to complete easy surveys to get points. If you think your done a survey check back on the site it will tell you if you have revived the points. There is live support that me and colleagues are on for all your support. And if you have more questions visit the forums on my site.

Lobby Includes:

Big Infection list including :

Laser Sight (Laser comes out of the end of your gun)

FPS Counter (Tells you your FPS rate)

Bigger Compass

Burst Fire Mods (No Gun Cool Down, Auto M16/Famas)

Instant Reload (Hold [X] and Shoot for something special with sleight of hand)

Perfect Accuracy (Crosshair goes to an + for Perfect hip fire accuracy)

Constant UAV (Always have red dots where people are on the compass

Instant Compass Update Time (Compass updates every 0.001 seconds)

See Enemy Names Through Walls

Always Host

Other team can hear you (Spook them out!)

Long Distance Knifing

Instant Nuke In calling (No Nuke countdown)

2 Types of Wallhack (Red box over en enemies and (NEW)
See through Walls!)

Nuke in Care Package

Instant Reload with Sleight of hand Pro

1 Shot 1 Kill with Stopping power

It also includes all challenges and instant 70.

People this is probably the easiest way to guarantee a spot into a lobby. We have 2 JTAGS and plan to invite EVERYONE who gets 100 points. Remember if you have any questions go over to the site and ask on live support.

Once Again the site is http://www.team-onfire.co.cc
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