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  1. Coletrain17

    Coletrain17 Getting There

    This site offers thousands of songs just ready to be made into your ringtone.


    Just search by band or song, select which one you want, preview it, and if you like it, click the "Download ringtone for iPhone" link. This will save the clip you just selected to your desktop. Open the file from your desktop, and it should be brought up into the ringtone section of iTunes. Just plug in your phone and sync!

    I know this isn't as personal as many ways out there because you can't choose what part of the song you want, but in most cases there are 50 different clips of the song made by all different people. Just preview around until you find the part of the song you like and bada bing.

    Hope this helped!
  2. cacrawford

    cacrawford Enthusiast

    really people!!!!!!!!!
    this is the one i personally use :smile:
    works like a charm :smile:
    dont ever ever buy i ringtone from itunes

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