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FREE after Rebates: $20 PSN/XBL cards, 3 months PS plus, micro SDHC cards+MORE

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Total Defense FAQ:
  • Q: I've submitted a Total Defense rebate before. Am I eligible for this deal?
    A: Yes, as long as you have not submitted offer TD9-10223 before. It's ok if you have submitted other offers.
  • Q: I have purchased Total Defense in the past. Do I need to create a new Total Defense account?
    A: In most cases you can add a new subscription to your existing account. Simply use the same email address and password when activating online. If you prefer you can create a new account each time.
  • Q: Do I need to install the software?
    A: No, online activation as described below is sufficient.

Instructions to Avoid Common Mistakes for the $50 Rebate:
Activation is required prior to rebate redemption. This will require a valid credit card. A one-year subscription is included so this will not cost extra if you cancel the automatic renewal service.

  1. After receiving the software, activate online [totaldefense.com] or by installing. You card will not be charged but there will be a 30-day, $1 authorization. During this process you will sign up for their automatic renewal service.
  2. Submit rebate
    • As requested, submit your Newegg invoice (not the order confirmation).
    • As always, scan/copy everything that you submit.
    • Note that the rebate address must match your billing address.
  3. Use the link on your Total Defense account page to "Cancel Automatic Renewal Service" [totaldefense.com]. Doing this will not impact your rebate. You may receive an error message if you try to cancel too soon after activation; try again later. It can take anywhere from a couple seconds to a couple days for the error to clear up. Sometimes ARS takes a while to activate and you will see an expiration date even though you did not successfully cancel yet; try again later. A successful cancellation will change "Never" on the account page to a date.
  4. Track your rebate:
    • You can use the "Check Rebate Status" link in the email titled "Rebate Registration Confirmation".
    • You can also enter your information for the $50 rebate at totaldefense.4myrebate.com [4myrebate.com] (not at www.4myrebate.com).
    • Your documentation should be received within a few weeks. If not you need to follow up ASAP.
  5. Receive rebate
  6. Cancel Automatic Renewal Service if not already done.
  7. One year from activation: subscription automatically expires without additional charges.
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